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Lunaris Magica


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At last, we’ve begun production of our long-awaited devotional oil dedicated to Queen Persephone.

With saccharine notes of Pomegranate and Sweet Pea, crystalline incisions of Lepidolite and Rainbow Obsidian, and herbal accoutrements like Forget-Me-Nots and Pomegranate Arils, Pastel Goth honors the dualistic cycle of bloom and decay—Life and Death—give and take. A handcrafted offering befitting both Vernal Goddess and Stewardess of the Departed.⁣

There are only 13 bottles of this blend available! Purchasing from this listing ensures your first dibs at this inaugural batch, and a special preorder discount that will no longer be honored once oils have finished brewing!


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Her story is not just crimson pomegranates,

all of the splendour of spring bends to her will.
But this floral maiden also sends shudders of fear
with one delicate footstep through all of hell.

She reigns over the birth of flowers and gentle beings,
raises baby birds in her lap, and with fawns she plays.
She reigns over demons and demise alike
and before her fury, even Death himself pales.

—Nikita Gill