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Ostara Tarot
Lunaris Magica

Ostara Tarot

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**Destash! This deck was gently used a couple of times and is in like-new condition.**

The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. Through 78 stunning Tarot cards and an accompanying guidebook, delve into the fantastical world of traditional symbolism and contemporary themes that will return you to the wilderness and explore the feminine.

With a unique synergy of artistic styles and perspectives, discover deities and mystical archetypes in the Major Arcana that convey 22 core lessons, while the Minors employ the help of animal guides to illuminate their diverse messages connecting them to your life.

Identify your relationship with the Earth and pay homage to the natural world and those romantic moments where you can again be part of the nature around you. Use keywords as well as upright and reversed card explanations to manifest your deepest spiritual renewal.


Perfect for both novices and collectors.


  • 78-card Tarot deck and guidebook connecting the Vernal equinox to the reader's life
  • Includes traditional symbolism with contemporary themes, teaching core lessons and diverse messages
  • Created by four accomplished female artists